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Trade up to $200,000 in a profit-sharing account and retain 90% of the profits.


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FPT Program Expained

Take a leap with a two-step Evaluation and unlock a profit-sharing account worth up to $200K when you achieve a 10% profit target.

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FPT Challenges

It's a game-changer for traders like you who aspire to greatness! A golden chance to turn your trading dreams into reality.


Experience the excitement of professional trading without the burden of an initial investment. Trade using a profit-sharing account and unlock your full potential

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Challenge tiers

Show us your trading skills & maximize your profits.

Choose one of our trading challenges and begin your trading journey!

Effortless Steps

Get Started with 3 Simple Steps

We have streamlined and simplified the process to kickstart your journey.



Take on the

We've simplified our challenge to let you focus on trading. Complete the trading objectives at your own pace with no time limit and minimum of 5 trading days.



Complete the

You can take as much time as needed with no time limit to fulfill the trading objectives and unlock a profit sharing account automatically.



Funded Pro

Congratulations on becoming a Profit Sharing Pro Trader! Maintain consistent and responsible trading to earn a 90% profit split.


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Traders Portal

FPT Traders Portal

Access our advanced automation technology and get instant account activation for our proprietary trader portal. No waiting!

Track your performance and trading metrics effortlessly with our all-in-one dashboard, providing everything you need throughout your trading journey.

Utilize our advanced trading analytics to assess your performance and identify areas for improvement, as well as consistent areas of success.

Track your performance and trading metrics effortlessly.
Receive 40+ daily trade ideas covering various market assets.
Refine your trading strategies and enhance your comprehension of trading patterns.
Why choose FPT?

What Makes FPT Different

Start effortlessly.

Effortless profit sharing with our two-step evaluation up to $200k in simulated accounts to suit every trader.

90% – 10%

90% of your hard earning profits through bi-monthly payouts.

Zero Commissions

Commission-free trading on every single trade you make.

Traders Portal

Advanced trade analytics dashboard and performance monitoring system.

Social community

Global Discord and Facebook community for expanding trading knowledge.

Metatrader 5

Unleash the power of MT5, the most advanced trading platform.

24/7 Customer Support

Round-the-clock customer support available 24/7 to assist you at any time.

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