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FPT Learning Hub Helps And Educates Traders

At FPT, we believe in equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need to conquer your trading challenges.

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We combine experienced, human-led analysts with powerful AI technology to conduct a deep analysis of the markets whilst drawing on our professional trading expertise to deliver transparent trade ideas that support novice and advanced traders alike.

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Regardless of your experience level when it comes to trading the financial markets,

FPT has something for everyone. We are dedicated to educating and empowering traders to confidently navigate the highly dynamic financial markets.

Through comprehensive education, traders gain insights on crucial focus areas and potential pitfalls to steer clear of. FPT provides a diverse set of educational tools to facilitate this learning journey, including a wide range of resources and practical guidance including:

Signal Centre

Signal Centre

Global Signals, Strategies and Analysis for intra-day, short, medium & long term time periods.

Signal Centre

These valuable insights are integrated directly onto MT5, providing traders easy access to premium content, with simple 'Trade Now' features.

Signal Centre

Economic calendar

Our innovative calendar tools turn standard events into opportunities.

By elevating the standard calendar view, we provide traders with an added advantage when navigating volatile market events.

Our calendar showcases historical events, projected price ranges, and news sentiment to enhance the trading experience. To ensure a seamless journey for traders, we strategically position 'Trade Now' icons throughout our platform.

Signal Centre

Analytical trading

Our research combines the expertise of in-house professional analysts with the support of AI technology, making it accessible and beneficial for investors of all levels.

Signal Centre

Market News

We collaborate with renowned financial market news providers, including Dow Jones Newswire and FXStreet, to deliver accurate and timely market news to our traders.

Instructional Videos

Videos and articles library

We have a wide range of articles and educational videos specifically created for educational purposes, catering to traders of all levels. These resources comprehensively cover essential topics in trading.

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