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But that's just the beginning. We're committed to your success, which is why we provide you with access to an extensive arsenal of over 40+ trading tools. What's more, we deliver daily trade ideas directly to the portal. These tools and signals are more than resources – they're your allies, guiding you towards conquering the evaluation process.

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Bespoke Trading Journal
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Key Account Metrics

Our innovative calendar tools turn standard events into opportunities.

By elevating the standard calendar view, we provide traders with an added advantage when navigating volatile market events.

Our calendar showcases historical events, projected price ranges, and news sentiment to enhance the trading experience. To ensure a seamless journey for traders, we strategically position 'Trade Now' icons throughout our platform.

Trade Idea

Trade Idea

At Funded Pro Trader, we understand that success in trading is built on informed decisions.

That's why we're proud to provide you with over 40 daily trade ideas spanning across the different Market Assets.

These have been meticulously curated to propel you towards evaluation success. It's worth noting that these signals have achieved a remarkable 350% growth since 2017. These aren't just signals, they're a testament to our commitment to your triumph

Bespoke Trading Journal

Bespoke Trading Journal

Our customised trading journal is seamlessly integrated with every trade executed on the account.

This innovative feature enables traders to meticulously review their trading history directly within the portal.

By offering a holistic view of all trades, this journal facilitates insightful analysis, empowers traders tofine-tune their strategies, and fosters a deeper understanding of their trading patterns. With the ability to access and review trade entry and exit prices, this journal serves as a reliable compass for traders on their journey towards improved trading performance

Advanced Trading Tools

Advanced Trading Tools

Elevate your trading potential with our comprehensive Advanced Trader Tools - a dynamic suite boasting over 40 essential trading resources meticulously designed to bolster your trading success.

Whether you're seeking to refine your trading expertise, gain comprehensive market insights, or exercise full control over your trades, this versatile suite caters to all your trading aspirations.

Our powerful Advanced Trader Tools empower you to seamlessly transform trading possibilities into tangible profits, ensuring your journey in the financial markets is both successful and rewarding

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