Funded Pro Trader Stands As Premier Prop. Trading Firm.

Dedicated to offering exceptional opportunities and resources for traders to thrive in the financial market. Our primary core values include commitment, integrity, and ethics, which we diligently uphold.

Rooted in knowledge, technology, ethics, and integrity, our approach guides us to excel with unwavering commitment.


At FPT, Our primary goal is to ensure your trading career thrives by providing you with exceptional deals and guidance.


With our experienced team having over 20+ years of involvement in the trading industry, we have gathered the best practices and deals to support your success.

We are dedicated to supporting traders globally in showcasing their skills through our program, which is built upon the following pillars:


Straight forward and easy-to-follow trading rules


A two-step evaluation process


Provision of trader’s data


24/7 customer support

Our Mission

our Mission

FPT strives to change the lives of millions of traders worldwide. Through cutting-edge strategies, innovative technologies, and unwavering support, we aim to revolutionize the trading experience.

Our mission is to empower traders, shape a brighter financial future, and make a lasting impact on the global trading community.

Our Vision

our Vision

At FPT, we aspire to set the highest benchmarks and push boundaries in all that we do. Our vision is to be the absolute best at creating value for our customers, people, and stakeholders.

We are committed to excellence, fostering a culture of growth, innovation, and unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch results for all involved with FPT.


150+ Countries Covered


950+ Traders


Super Fast Payout Time


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