Funded Pro Trader Rules

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Individuals aged 18 and above can trade with Funded Pro Trader

The strategy should comply with the overall trading rules. Copy trading, hedge trading, 3rd party managers, data centre connection and martingale are some of the strategies that are restricted.

Traders can have a maximum of 3 multiple profit-sharing accounts. One profit sharing account is allowed per challenge tier. Multiple profit-sharing accounts may be merged only after management analysis and consideration.

Opposite positions on single or multiple accounts not allowed (grid trading or hedging).

Copying trades for evaluation purposes strictly prohibited.

Stop loss and take profit orders are not mandatory but highly recommended.

EA usage allowed, including virtual or hidden stop loss and take profit levels.

No time limit for Phase 1 and Phase 2 evaluations.

A minimum of 5 trading days must be completed per phase

Initial withdrawal should cover the challenge fee.

Subsequent withdrawals minimum $100.

90% profit share on generated virtual profits on the Profit Sharing Account stage upon successful completion of phase 1 and 2.

Consequences for rule violations and breaches will vary from account termination, potential service ban, or closure.

All account types are traded with virtual funds on demo accounts.

All trades are simulated trades in demo environments.

The 90% profit share is paid on the increase in balance on the profit sharing account. All trades must be closed before a payout can be requested.

FPT may replicate trades to live markets for hedging purposes.

We accept a High Frequency of Trades at FPT as long as the minimum trade duration rule is adhered to.

Regular leverage is 1:100, subject to modification during market volatility.

Trades may not be filled at expected price if market volatility causes slippage.

Phase 1:

Minimum of 5 trading days.

Profit Target: 8%.

Max Daily Loss: 5% of starting days equity balance.

Max Total Loss: 10% of starting balance.

Phase 2:

Minimum of 5 trading days.

Profit Target: 5%.

Max Daily Loss: 5% of starting days equity balance.

Max Total Loss: 10% of starting balance.

Trades must be held for at least 3 minutes before being closed. This includes trades that have attached orders triggered.

It is important that trade sizes are consistent throughout the evaluation stages so that FPT are able to analyse the traders strategy over a minimum 5 day period. The notional trade size must be considered by you when trading across different asset classes as the smallest trade executed during each phase of the challenge must be no smaller than 65% of the notional size of the largest trade executed during each stage of the challenge.

At the end of stage 2, the trades for either evaluation phase are anaysed by our trade review team to ensure that all of the rules have been adhered to in both stages and no breaches have occurred. This review takes up to 3 working days to complete.