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FPT offers individuals aged 18 and over the chance to trade on a profit sharing account. By passing the FPT evaluation, which includes demonstrating profitability and responsible risk management, you become eligible to trade an Earnings account and receive a 90% share of the profits.

Becoming a successful trader is a challenge. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop your skills, study the market and practice good risk management. One of the biggest obstacles for profitable traders is having sufficient capital in their trading accounts. As a profit share trader with FPT, you keep 90% of the profits. For example, if your trading skills resulted in a 30% return in month but you only have $2,000 to invest, the return may not be worth your time. However, with access to an earnings account worth up to $200,000, a 30% return, where you keep 90%, would be a much more substantial return on effort. Trading carries risk and even profitable traders experience periods of breaking even or incurring losses. One advantage with trading with FPT is all evaluations and profit sharing earning accounts are traded with real live market pricing from institutional liquidity providers with virtual funds on simulated accounts. Therefore, you will never be responsible for any losses that you may otherwise have had from you own funded trading accounts, but enjoy 90% of the profits you make. In addition to the opportunity of trading with FPTs accounts, we also enhance your trading experience by implementing simple trading rules that promote effective risk management. To further assist you, FPT provide you with your own trading dashboard that gives you access to many beneficial trading tools, such as signals, calendars, currency strength indicators, heat maps, and much more.

To become a funded trader, the initial step is to select the assessment tier that suits you and complete the FPT Audition. This audition evaluates your trading skills, risk management, and profitability. Once you pass the audition, you will be provided with a funded account. It's as simple as that.

We determine the daily loss limit based on the end-of-day Equity from the previous day. For example, if your Equity at the end of the prior day was $100,000, your account would reach the loss limit when your equity dropped to $95,000 during that day. Moreover, our daily stop out level is calculated as a percentage, rather than a fixed amount. This means that as your account Equity grows, your daily stop loss level widens accordingly. For instance, if you started with a $100,000 Equity and grew it to $110,000, your daily stop out level would increase to $5,500 from $5,000. Please keep in mind that all accounts are subject to the rules governing daily loss limits and maximum trailing drawdowns that were in effect at the time of purchase. Any subsequent changes to these rules will not be retroactively applied to previously purchased accounts.

Yes, you have the flexibility to trade whenever our markets are open.

Yes, you have the option to keep trades open overnight and throughout the weekend. However, please note that leverage may be adjusted during more volatile periods.

It is your responsibility to comply with all relevant tax obligations in your country or region.

You will have the identical live account balance that you selected during the FPT Audition. Once you successfully pass the audition and your results are verified, you will receive credentials to access a profit-sharing account. In this account, you are entitled to keep up to 90% of the profits you generate.

The association between a trader and FPT is established through a contractual agreement agreed upon by you when you sign up for your audition. This agreement is legally binding for both parties.

Traders will be granted access to the MT5 trading platform.

The association between a trader and FPT is established through a contractual agreement agreed upon by you when you sign up for your audition. This agreement is legally binding for both parties.

The profit-sharing account dashboards provide various metrics such as the daily loss limit, profit target, maximum loss limit, equity, balance, monthly return, and projected annual return. Additionally, you will have access to a detailed account history that includes all executed trades.

No, there are no hidden fees. The only cost you will encounter is the one-time fee for the FPT Audition. There are no monthly fees that you have to pay repeatedly.

Traders can have multiple profit-sharing accounts with a total funding limit of $600,000. However, they are limited to one account per Audition tier. For instance, if you are currently trading a $100,000 account and want to trade with more capital, you can apply for a $50,000 account by completing a $50,000 FPT Audition.

Shortly after purchasing an Audition, you will receive an email containing your account credentials and a link to download the platform.

We welcome payment by major credit cards, debit cards, direct wire transfers, crypto, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

The fee serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it covers essential expenses for FPT, including technology, personnel, customer service, and marketing. This helps ensure the company's functionality. Secondly, the fee acts as a commitment from traders, motivating them to engage in responsible and disciplined trading practices. It signifies their dedication to the process and incentivizes them to treat their accounts with care. Crucially, the fee is modest in comparison to the substantial value added by gaining access to a profit-shared account. Any losses incurred on the profit-shared accounts are covered by FPT, so traders cannot lose more than the fee they paid. The Audition fee also functions as a filter, attracting serious and responsible traders to the FPT community. This ensures that the community is composed of experienced traders who consistently generate profits. Ultimately, the fee accurately reflects the value and benefits of the FPT program, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between FPT and traders.

All account types are traded with virtual funds on demo accounts. FPT may at their discretion copy trades to the live market for hedging purposes.

On our platform it is important to note that you are not allowed to take opposite positions on single accounts or multiple accounts, whether it's during the evaluation phase or on a live account. Engaging in such activity is considered cheating, and the account will be terminated as a result. To provide an example, taking a long position on EUR/USD in one account and a short position on EUR/USD in another account is not permitted. Also, taking a long position on EUR/USD and a short position on EUR/USD in the same account is also not permitted. This practice is commonly referred to as 'grid trading' or ‘hedging’

FX, Commodities, Indices

We have secured competitive spreads through our broker, ECG Broker. There are no additional fees for data. There are no trading commissions to be paid. You won't incur any costs due to slippage during trade execution.

Copying trades from another evaluation account or any external account, with the intention of passing the evaluation, is strictly prohibited. Traders discovered engaging in such copy trading activities will undergo a review and may be in breach of the agreement, resulting in the loss of the profit-sharing account.

Once traders make their first profit withdrawal from their live funded account, we offer a refund of the evaluation fees.

All traders with profit-sharing account operate as independent contractors for FPT. Prior to the allocation of the profit-sharing account, you will be required to sign a service agreement.

It is permissible for US citizens to trade in FPT's profit-sharing markets. Profit-sharing activities are not regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). While US citizens are prohibited from opening CFD trading accounts using their own funds, and US brokers are not permitted to offer CFD accounts directly to US citizens, FPT does not enable US citizens to open and fund CFD accounts themselves to comply with regulations. FPT operates as a company that offers the opportunity to pass a trading test through its two-phase evaluation programs. The evaluation is conducted on a trading platform connected to CFD markets. Traders do not invest their own money in trading these CFD markets nor do they open CFD accounts. US citizens can purchase the opportunity to pass the trading tests without violating SEC regulations. Upon successfully passing the test, traders are granted access to a FPT profit-sharing account that contains virtual funds and provides access to CFD markets. This account is owned by FPT, not the trader. Traders function as contractors for FPT and receive compensation based on the profits earned in the virtual funds account. They do not trade or have ownership of a CFD account funded with their own money. In both evaluation and profit-sharing trading scenarios, the trader's personal funds are not invested in the CFD markets. Therefore, these trades are not subject to SEC regulation. The client-broker relationship for the profit-sharing accounts exists between FPT and ECG Broker, the broker. We prioritize compliance with the regulations of ECG Broker since it is only our company's funds that may be invested in the broker trading accounts. FPT serves as the investor in this context.

We work with ECG Broker

No, FPT is not a broker. FPT operates as a proprietary trading company and does not accept deposits from traders to trade their own funds. Traders do not have any capital at risk and bear no responsibility for losses on profit-sharing accounts.

The trading rules for the profit-sharing account are similar to those during the evaluation phase. It is important to review the profit-sharing Account section in the help center for additional details. The risk parameters remain consistent for both the evaluation phase and the profit-sharing account. The only rule that is no longer applicable is the profit target rule.

We provide our traders with the option to utilize the MT5 platform offered by our broker, ECG Broker.

We do not accept payments made through a third-party card or account. All evaluation purchases must be made in the name of the cardholder.

FPT proudly offer no tome limit to complete the evolution targets, therefore no free retakes are applicable.

No, the use of stop loss and take profit orders is not mandatory, but we highly recommend their usage. Additionally, the use of Expert Advisors (EAs) that employ virtual or hidden stop loss and take profit levels is also permitted.

You can purchase and attempt a funding evaluation without prior experience. However, it is important to understand that your chances of passing the evaluation are significantly diminished without relevant experience.

Phase 1 requires a total profit target of 8%, while Phase 2 requires a total profit target of 5%. These targets are based on the initial starting Equity of the account. For example, if the starting Equity is $100,000, the Phase 1 profit target is $8,000. (8%)

The daily loss limit is determined by calculating 5% of the starting equity at the close of the daily candle on broker time (00:00 UTC). Let's consider an example to illustrate this calculation: Starting equity: $100,000 Equity at the close of the daily candle: $101,000 In this case, the maximum daily risk for the following day would be 5% of the starting equity ($100,000), which amounts to $5,000. This means that the minimum equity required to maintain compliance with the daily loss limit is $95,000. It's important to note that the open equity (e.g., a floating profit or loss) carried over from the previous trading day is not factored into the calculation of the daily loss limit. For instance, even if the equity is $101,000 due to a floating profit of $1,000, the minimum equity requirement remains at $95,000. This implies that you can theoretically experience a loss of $6,000 on that day, considering the floating unrealized profit and loss. Alternatively, if the equity at the close of the daily candle is $99,000, the maximum daily risk would still be 5% of the starting balance ($100,000), resulting in a maximum daily loss of $5,000. However, if there is an open trade with a floating loss of $1,000, the maximum daily loss would decrease to $4,000 while the minimum equity requirement remains at $95,000. This calculation ensures that traders adhere to the daily loss limit and manage their risk effectively during trading activities.

Phase 1 requires a minimum of 5 trading days. Phase 2 also requires a minimum of 5 trading days.

The evaluation period for phrase 1 and phase 2 does not have a time limit.

The evaluation period starts on the day you place your first trade.

If the trader fulfills all the required trading objectives and adheres to the rules without any violations, they will successfully pass the evaluation phase and advance to a profit-sharing account.

"EA's are permitted, but copying trades from other evaluation accounts or external accounts is prohibited. Engaging in such activities may result in a review, breach of agreement, and the loss of the profit-sharing account."

Yes, there are no limitations on trading around news events or high-impact news releases.

The following strategies are not allowed: latency trading, arbitrage trading, group hedging/reverse trading, and martingale. Account management services are also prohibited.

Trades must be held for at least 3 minutes.

Please access our trader dashboard, which provides a comprehensive range of analytics and tracking features for your profit-sharing account and individual trades.

No time limit Profit Target: 8% Max daily loss: 5% Max total loss: 10%

No time limit Profit Target: 5% Max daily loss: 5% Max total loss: 10%

$600,000 (3 accounts max).

No, there are no specific monthly profit requirements or pressure to achieve a certain amount. However, you are expected to maintain consistent risk management in line with the funding plan.

The initial withdrawal should cover the challenge fee, as it is refunded upon the first withdrawal. Subsequent withdrawals should be at least $100.

The maximum allowable loss is 10% of the initial starting Equity. For instance, in a $100,000 evaluation, the maximum loss would be $10,000. This rule is violated if the account Equity or equity falls to $90,000 or below at any point.

There is no restriction on the trade size during evaluation as long as you have sufficient funds to meet the margin requirements.

Your smallest trades USD notional value must not be lower than 65% of your highest trades USD notional value . Failure to observe this important consistency rule will invalidate your evaluation.

We offer a 90% profit share on the profits generated from the profit-sharing account.

The consequences for violating the rules vary depending on the specific rule broken. Here are two examples: 1. Using a prohibited trading strategy: The profit-sharing account will be terminated, and there may be a potential ban on services and future funding. 2. Breaching the maximum daily loss limit: The profit-sharing account will be closed.

All account types are traded with virtual funds on demo accounts. FPT may at their discretion copy trades in to the live market for hedging purposes.

Withdrawals can be made twice per month. Before requesting a withdrawal, all trades on the account must be closed. Once the withdrawal amount has been processed and withdrawn from the trading account Equity, trading can be resumed. Withdrawals can be done via bank transfer, crypto payment, or PayPal.

In certain situations, we may choose to replicate trades to our master account, which directly interacts with the live market. We offer up to 90% profit share to our traders and assume 100% of the agreed maximum risk (10%) on each account. The method and execution of replicating trades for each funded trader's account are determined at the company's discretion.

Phase 1 and 2, you are required to trade for a minimum of 5 days, with no specific time limit. If you successfully meet these minimum trading day criteria, attain your profit targets, and adhere to all rules, you have the opportunity to attain your achievement.

We accept a High Frequency of Trades at FPT. All trading rules must be adhered to in order not to breach the challenge.